“Do you think I’m sexy?” A look at the sexy art form that is Pole Dance.

Do you think I’m sexy? Well, do you, punk?

Because my boyfriend does. And I do sometimes. Not all day everyday, but on some occasions, yes, I do. And that should be all that matters, shouldn’t it? It should be just me, my man and maybe a few randoms if I’m lucky. Because I’m not a movie star or a model or a Hollywood wife or a pop icon.

But I do do pole dancing.

For many, that makes me the equivalent of a stripper. And stripper is just around the corner from prostitute. And a prostitute sells sex (incidentally, just around the corner from my house).

But, hold on: I tend to look like a teenage girl, dressed as a teenage boy or maybe a mummy or a granny, never in 6 inch heels and never wearing lipstick, no cleavage to speak of or legs up to there, what’s going on??! Pole dancer, you say??!!

I read books, get excited about Shakespeare, drink tea with milk and eat porridge for breakfast. I don’t dance on tables at bars or get totally wasted, have a stable long term relationship and keep my house pretty tidy.

“You?! You do Pole Dancing?!” or “YOU dance scantily clad/naked around a pole?” and even: “Pole dancing? Lizzie? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!”

Granted, I live in the south of France, where sexism goes unnoticed in most cases and feminism is something the majority of women seem more embarrased about than proud of. But we exist. We do. Feminist or non-feminist, sexy or non-sexy, the pole dancers of today. It just seems sometimes that the only poeple who know us and recognise us are already a part of the pole dance community. Outsiders are either mistaken or very confused.

The confused generation at its most baffled: A pole dancer who isn’t stripping? who isn’t doing it for money? who doesn’t wear killer heels all day? WHAT is the world coming to?!!

For me, part of the fun of pole is just that: challenging the status quo and playing with people’s perceptions.  Isn’t that the foundation for the best art and creativity? Or just something to make artists want to pull their hair out?

I’m in no way saying I’m an artist, or even a whole, real, pole dancer yet. I’m a student, an apprentice, trying to fit in to a family of talented, strong, beautiful creatures who dance around, near or on a pole.


In a song by The Weeknd called The Zone (perrrrrrfect for pole dance, btw) the very sexy Drake says:

“Man, if pole dancing’s an art, you know how many fuckin’ artists I know?”


A lot!!!! And what a lucky girl I am!!!