On Yoga Teacher Training, Instagram, the Gym and my fave Shoulder Mount.

I don’t feel at all guilty for not having posted something in a while. I have been busy: working out at the gym, revisiting Instagram, choosing a Yoga Teacher Training to suit me and of course, as usual, working on my Pole Shoulder Mount.

Yes, I have a lot to amuse myself with at the moment. I will write a separate post about the incredible benefits of working out at the gym (free weights=love) and another on my Yoga journey when my registration on the Vinyasa 200hr Training Course in Marseille is actually confirmed. Trying not to get too excited here!

So, Shoulder Mounts. Where am I? Here:

shoulder mounting in the French Alps - point your damn toes!

shoulder mounting in the French Alps – point your damn toes!

As you can see, I have come quite a way from last August when I managed my first ever Shoulder Mount, like a monkey, kicking and flaying and in no way being able to hold onto it for longer than a split second, with my feet grabbing onto the pole for dear life, all the time being in a lot of pain!

Now I can hold my legs out in a V (albeit somewhat irregularly and not yet flat) and it doesn’t hurt my shoulder so much. I can even hold it for a few long seconds, on both sides, too 🙂 Will have to make a sexy little video soon.

Of course, the main thing would be for me to point my toes. Damn it!

And I must work more on my flexibility to get those legs nice and flat.

Next job: start on the Shoulder Flag. Let’s get those legs out in a straight line away from the pole. Wouldn’t that be nice! Wish me luck!!

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Yoga and pole dancing: two opposing ends of the fitness spectrum?

I love yoga. I want it to be a part of my life forever. I want to live it and teach it and practise it as much as I can.

I love both the simplicity and difficulty of combining stillness and movement, of breathing and opening and containing and flowing. Building on kindness, acceptance, spirituality.

Balance is key to yoga and as such has become a key part of my way of life: to find balance whenever possible. Maybe it’s because I’ve never become stagnant, I’ve always been moving and changing and challenging my normal. For me, the right amount of good and bad is what makes life real and exciting. Yoga for me is not just sitting on a mat crossing my legs. It’s a challenge, everyday.

I love pole dance. I want to keep it as a part of my life forever. I want to live it and teach it and practise it as much as I can.

So where does pole dancing fit in to the yoga lifestyle? Surely it’s not at all about spirituality or calming the senses? Surely its about showing off and revealing flesh, aggressive strength and hard abs? Its controversial, sexy, hardcore even. Surely its the other end of the spectrum?

Yes, it can be all those things. However, pole dancing can also be a time to work on growing, expressing myself to music, building my strength and flexibility as well as learning about my boundaries and respecting my limits.
Pole dancing is a perfect complement to my yoga practise. And vice-versa. The yoga keeps me grounded, pole dance teaches me to fly. The yoga calms my nerves, pole dance gets my heart racing. Yoga helps me hold on, pole dance pushes me to let go.
Both require strength, flexibility, motivation, balance.
Yoga and pole dancing: an ideal balance and a perfect combination.

Now to find balance in the amount of chocolate I consume…