Private time with Maddie Sparkle (& sexy booty shaking with Michelle Shimmy)

Yesterday I lived my best ever pole dance day. I’m writing about it today because I actually can’t move and don’t know how else to spend my afternoon other than reliving some newly made pole dance memories.

One hour of Sexy Booty Shaking with Michelle Shimmy was followed by one hour of private tuition with Maddie Sparkle. The professional pole dancing sisters from Down Under are friends of my pole dance instructor, France Grieco and they are here in the South of France for ten days spending time with their friend and giving us pole dance students some super sexy giggly fun workshops.

I have to say I had been excited about these workshops for the last 5 months. And when the day finally arrived I felt like I was on my way to meet Shakira or Kate Moss. Was I more than a little star-struck? Oh yes! On entering the studio my instructor France excitedly announced my entry to Shimmy (no, I’m not a star pole pupil, just her English teacher!), who was helping an advanced student hang upside down from the pole with one leg. I blushed and grinned and headed in the direction of the changing room where, in the doorway, perfectly silhouetted in a forearm stand split, was Maddie. (Honestly, I’m not making this up.)

She was smiling and cute and asked about the weather outside and I was instantly happy to be there, all my anxiety about meeting such a huge (but tiny!) pole dance star drifted away and my afternoon of pole fun began.

So let me clarify that the name ‘Sexy Booty Workshop’ actually applied to the rest of the 15 girls present whereas for me I would have to rename it ‘Silly Bum Wiggling Whilst Laughing Like an Idiot’ workshop. But let me tell you we worked up a sweat and laughed our arses off and, as usual after pole dance class, I have again discovered some muscles I never knew I had. And Shimmy is a twerking, poling Goddess who speaks French better than me even though she lives on the other side of the world. What an inspiration!

Oh, and it was also the first time I danced in my pole dancing heels. I say danced because putting them on and checking them out in the mirror at home a few times doesn’t count as dancing in them. Thank God I had a pole next to me for support during all the bum shaking. Thank God noone in the class lost an eye.

A couple of hours after trying to shake my booty to a naughty Australian song I was back in the studio for some alone time with Maddie. If I start to sound like an obsessed stalker, trust me, I’m really trying to tone it down! Honestly, I had possibly the best hour of my pole life with this woman and I am now her number one fan.

Seated face to face on our mats I had to warn her about not asking me to do any inversions or crazy spins. I told her about the stroke I had and that subsequently I’m limited when it comes to certain pole moves. She was understanding and knew about the risks to women with migraine, like herself and me, so I immediately felt at ease. She had us start off with stretches for the hamstrings and hip flexors, she let me in on a little secret for checking my hip alignment and she had me strap on my dancing shoes ready for some sexy Maddie signature moves. Perfect for me, we did the layout and my favourite, the naughty ‘Hello Boys’, into a chair sit and down to the floor. I got a ton of tips on body rolls, as mine are not yet ‘rolls’ as such and at every point where I did something new she was a fountain of positivity and encouragement and at no point did I feel like a stiff ape (even though I’m sure I looked it!).

We did a super sexy routine to No Doubt’s ‘Just A Girl’ (which I love!) and now I have a ton of homework to perfect it and get bendy and rolly and hair-flicky. The motivation I have gained from my short time in the studio with Maddie will last me a lifetime I’m sure.

She gave me hug and then I left, ready to double up on my strength and flexy training. 24 hours later and I’m still on poling cloud number nine. When I finally get back down to Earth I’m certain it will be in a sexy front split, with heels on, Maddie style.

Maddie and I